Improve (Formerly TracDat) Overview

In 2008, President William R. Harvey issued the following charge:

"Develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of a sustainable institutional effectiveness system using an on-going program of assessment for all academic and non-academic areas."

It is noted that such a system must incorporate means for assessing continuous improvements within and across all areas and incorporate the University’s current and future Integrated Strategic Planning process.

Today as Hampton University moves forward in carrying out the charge from President Harvey, the University will:

  • Engage in a new strategic planning process resulting in the production and implementation of the next 10 year Strategic Plan.
  • The new strategic plan will be incorporated into the TracDat system and all annual reports will be submitted and assessed through TracDat.
  • University–wide Key Performance Indicators Reports will be coordinated with the annual Strategic Planning updates and will be regularly submitted via TracDat for all Academic and Non-academic units.
  • Annual Institutional Reports for all academic and non-academic units will be produced via TracDat and presented to the Dean, Provost and the President.
  • Student Learning Outcomes for all courses per academic unit will be entered into TracDat.
  • Measurable Criteria for all course specific student learning outcomes will be entered into TracDat.
  • Comparative data will be established for academic units showing all courses with same or similar student learning outcomes.
  • Comparative measurable criteria will be assessed for all courses with same or similar student learning outcomes.
  • I-Web folio will be utilized across courses requiring a strong writing component.
  • Portfolios will be established for students and coordinated with the Office of Career Planning.