Dr. Michelle Penn-Marshall

Vice President for Research, Associate Provost, and Dean of the Graduate College

(757) 728-6717

Dr. Michelle Clawson


(757) 727-5977

Mrs. Lynn Stewart

University Reports and Data Coordinator

(757) 727-5327

Mrs. Evelyn Stewart

Internal Auditor

(757) 727-5383

Ms. Helena Bemberry

Computer and Data Analyst

(757) 727-5058

Ms. Monica Rodriguez

Improve (Formerly TracDat) Administrator/Research Analyst

(757) 727-5910

Mrs. Nikia Miller Secretary/Data Analyst (757) 727-5474


The work of the Unit is guided by the following:

Our Core Values

Trustworthiness.  We will earn the trust of colleagues and constituents by providing accurate information in useful form on the promised scheduled.  We will refrain from committing to projects for which we lack either expertise of resources.

 Relevance.  The knowledge we discover, develop, and distribute will make a noteworthy, positive impact on the decision-making processes of the University.

 Accountability.   We will pursue best practices and ideal professionalism.  We will assess our internal practices regularly.

 Balance. We will balance our time between urgent (deadline-bounded) and strategic priorities and preserve time for professional development and public service.

 Engagement.  We will continue to stay on the leading edge of our occupation and contribute to the institutional research professional world.