Mission, Goals, and Objectives


Operations Analysis and Research actively shares coordinating and monitoring of institutional processes; performs numerous assessments, evaluations and audits; generates and completes compliance reports as appropriate.


  • Provide ongoing and evolving support for the university’s futuristic needs.
  • Generate institutional data and analysis in a timely manner to assist in the decision-making processes at the university.
  • Research, select, and utilize the most current state-of-the-art technology when analyzing and reporting information.
  • Seek to expand its ability to collect empirical data and provide analyses in order to further assist the university in assessing itself against the current trends in higher education.


  • Activities carried out by this unit are designed to achieve the following objectives:
  • To examine departments as to their level of efficiency, effectiveness and achievement of stated goals and objectives.
  • To complete the required federal, state and institutional reports in addition to other reports of interest to the university.
  • To audit departments and units to insure that the integrity of their financial operations is maintained and that policies, rules and procedures are strictly followed.
  • To monitor all aspects of the athletic program at the university.